Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You know what annoys me?


that don't grow up. Their little first world problems are fine and their dramas are I don't know probably exhilarating to them. Kids who just turned 18, who feel like they're now at the apex of their youth and maturity, demanding equal respect from fellow adults and family just because they're "freed" from the grasp of their headmasters/mistresses but really all I hear is, "look at me! look at me!". The boys are worse, suddenly most of them dicks are into protein powder and excessive gym sessions, can you get anymore narcissistic than that? If you're that conscious of yourself at such a young age, please don't argue with me because  you know you're full of yourself. Their priorities these days are so construed by their freedom, friends and media that I just hope that they learn it the hard way. I got myself into a sticky situation recently and boy it angered the shit out of me. Truth be told that I am not a fan of these instances, so what now?


p/s i am 110% sure that i was not like this when i was 18, i probably was too old for my age. which is the main reason why they annoy me so much.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

less and less

Please don't try to throw this shoe
Right through that concrete wall
Maybe you should pack your things
If it's that dreadful
Then just leave it all

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011

 Decided to cook a Christmas dinner because well, commitments.
Our Christmas ended up to be a two day feast. This is one of it and another was the following day at my elder sisters house. She had her in-laws over and we had fun.
But preparing this dinner was not easy task. :\
My grocery list for stuff we don't have includes the following.

Had to buy them early because nothing is open during Christmas day.

2 small brown onions, halved, finely chopped
55g (1/3 cup) unsalted pistachio kernels, finely chopped
245g (3 1/2 cups) fresh breadcrumbs (made from day-old bread)
2 eggs, lightly whisked
1/3 cup finely chopped fresh continental parsley
    250g dried maccheroni pasta (see note)
1 1/5kg Chicken
    4 cooked chicken drumsticks
    100g baby spinach leaves
    300ml light thickened cream
4 strips bacon
1 bunch of chives
sour cream
    3/4 cup semi-dried tomatoes
    1 1/2 cups grated parmesan cheese
    1 cup grated mozzarella cheese
 2 cups (500ml) thickened cream
    1 x 250g packet Arnott’s Choc Ripple biscuits
    Raspberries or seasonal berries to decorate

(probably my longest grocery list every)

According to Sam, it rains every Christmas lol and so this year it hailed while we were prepping. 
Hailing is really quite common here.

 Nearing the end it was so messy. -_- couldn't stand the clutter.

 Stuffing at its second stage. I like how the cranberry makes it look so colourful. 

 I'm super crazy over sun dried tomatoes.So good.
I usually put whatever I want inside it. Left over roast chicken, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, whatever you like really.

 We had a lot of problems with the stuffing because we didn't have a food processor to chop up the bread to make breadcrumbs. So we resorted to a variety of measures.

 Using a microplane and scissors.

At first I thought we wouldn't succeed because of the amount of ingredients we had to chop, dice, peel, wash, and cook looked so overwhelming. Thank goodness we prevailed at the end.

Looking forward to this sort of challenge again. well not so soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 too many

5 times??

that's just effing too many times in a day.
my goodness.
It's record breaking but for sure it will never be repeated again anytime soon.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Letting yourself go

So I've been sieving through some of my old posts recently to look for old pictures and guess what.. I'm so disgusted at myself. -___-

I have literally let myself GO, I've turned into a chubby ball, no I'm not even proportionately round like a ball. I'm LUMPY. I have lumps of fats distributed to random areas that do not look attractive at ALL.

I totally blame myself for getting so comfortable. I stopped taking care of myself to care for others. I have to quickly fix this shit before it becomes permanent otherwise I'll hate myself forever.

It's not like I didn't see this weight gain coming but I think it's about time that I go back to normal. Back to my normal portion and not a Nick sized portion. I cannot compete with you man.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

iPod Nano 7th Gen

time to go digital.

got it couple days ago as a birthday present,
super belated birthday present.

I'm not really a fan of d i g i t a l and battery powered watches to be honest but this and my running watch is an exception. It might even take over as my running watch. I was worried at first that the nano would look like a monster on my arm but it actually fits nicely and together with the strap it's still super lightweight.Shocking.

 My name is engraved on it. It's SO tiny.
 Wonder if people buy second hand engraved iPods.

Few faces that I like. They have 18 in total.
Really liking it so far, like the various faces and how lightweight it is.
Now I don't have to carry around my phone to listen to songs while I'm jogging.

Hope in the future they upgrade it to retina display and quicker sleep/wake response time.
it wud be so awesome.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Go karted.
what surprised me was when i got back from the gym.
Nick had already gotten ready his backpack filled with buns, biscuits and even energy drinks. I thought it was kinda cute, mama syndrome scared no food. 
coz we were going to be out the whole day that day.

Lindt cake and Brunetti profiterole tower.
The tower is supposed to feed 10. LOL assuming that each person got 2. glutton

Overall I loved the day, eventho it was so tiring at the end of it.

Take Away

So the weeks before our exams. I was super lazy to cook.
So we basically survived on take away food.
To save money we usually hunt for cheap makan like closing hour sales when food goes cheap.

Instead of paying like 8 bucks or 10 bucks per-meal we got off with 5 boxes for just $27!
Ranges from $3.50-$6.00 epic.
The above had stuff like lamb rogan josh, red curry, massaman beef curry, black bean beef, green curry. 
Only drawback is that I get fat.
This wasn't cheap makan finds but shows how we depend on take away -_-.
Compared to the cheap find above this is $45.. the horror.

Half a chicken for $3.00 bucks epic. Quater for $1.80.

Thank god exams are over and im back to cooking again. typing this post made me feel grossed out.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I thought I was sure but now my answer is I really don't know.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

my mouth can tell you things you want to hear. my head thinks otherwise.

Monday, October 17, 2011

doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone. o_O