Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You know what annoys me?


that don't grow up. Their little first world problems are fine and their dramas are I don't know probably exhilarating to them. Kids who just turned 18, who feel like they're now at the apex of their youth and maturity, demanding equal respect from fellow adults and family just because they're "freed" from the grasp of their headmasters/mistresses but really all I hear is, "look at me! look at me!". The boys are worse, suddenly most of them dicks are into protein powder and excessive gym sessions, can you get anymore narcissistic than that? If you're that conscious of yourself at such a young age, please don't argue with me because  you know you're full of yourself. Their priorities these days are so construed by their freedom, friends and media that I just hope that they learn it the hard way. I got myself into a sticky situation recently and boy it angered the shit out of me. Truth be told that I am not a fan of these instances, so what now?


p/s i am 110% sure that i was not like this when i was 18, i probably was too old for my age. which is the main reason why they annoy me so much.

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